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How-to's & Step-by-step instructions:

How to locate the Diagnostic connector on your BMW motorcycle
This page shows some pictures of where to find the diagnostic connector on some motorcycle models.

How to connect the GS-911 interface to your BMW motorcycle
Once your PC software and USB driver are successfully installed and tested, you are ready to use your GS-911. Here is how to connect it to your motorcycle.

How to install the mobile software
A short generic description of the options available for installing the mobile software on your mobile device.

How to update the USB driver
in case you did not follow the instructions and let Windows choose it's own (incorrect) USB device driver, then you have to update the USB driver.

How to setup your GS911 Mobile application
Searching for, connecting and testing the bluetooth connection from your mobile phone to your GS-911 interface.

How to install the GS-911 software and USB driver on Windows XP
This shows a step-by-step guide of how to install the software and USB driver for GS-911.

How to install the GS-911 USB driver on Windows Vista & Windows 7
This shows detailed step-by-step installation instructions on how to install the software and USB driver correctly on your Windows Vista system.
This holds true for a Windows 7 system too.

How to learn a new wheel sensor into the RDC
Learning a new Sensor ID is easy.  Here are step-by-step instructions.

How to import and view the CSV realtime data
In GS-911, real-time data can be logged to a .CSV file. This file is semicolon (";") separated.


Below is a collection of GS-911 related video clips - feel free to pass them on, share them with your friends or embed them in your sites or relevant forums...
Register your GS-911wifi
A step-by-step guide for registering your GS-911wifi. Registering your device will give you ownership & access to support...
Configure your GS-911wifi
A step-by-step guide on how to configure your GS-911wifi with your wifi infrastructure. Configuring your device will give you wireless access to your device via your local wifi...
GS-911wifi Launcher Application for Android and iOS
See just how easy it is to launch and connect to your GS-911wifi interface using either iPhone/iPad or an Android device......

GS-911wifi Utility for Mac & Windows PC
A quick overview of the GS-911wifi Utility for MAC & Windows PC. This utility allows you to Register your device, Configure the wifi of your GS-911wifi interface and perform Firmware updates.

What is D2D mode?
A short overview of the GS-911wifi Device-to-Device (D2D) mode and how it relates to infrastructure mode. In D2D mode, the GS-911wifi becomes a little wifi Access Point that your mobile device can connect to when there are no wifi networks available.
Downloading and installing the GS-911 PC software
NOTE: this video is outdated - we will be adding a new one soon.  Here is a 5 minute video detailing the downloading and installation procedure of the GS-911 PC software.
Viewing GS-911 real-time data using Live-Graph
Here is a 1:24 minute video on how to open a GS-911 .CSV log file and view the real-time data, using the free Live-Graph application. There is absolutely no requirement to use Live-Graph to view or plot CSV data... it is easy to use for those that are challenged by such tasks...
The Ring-antenna issue
Here's a short clip on how to replace the ring-antenna in an emergency. Although this is shown on a F800GS, this holds true for any of the CAN-bus models.
Installing and configuring the GS-911Mobile Java Midlet version on your Java enabled phone
NOTE: The Midlet Java version has been discontinued and this Video is for reference only! Here's a 2:20 minute video tutorial showing you how to install the GS-911Mobile.jar file, pair the GS-911 and the phone and then configure the application - this is for all mobile phones (excluding WinMobile 5 & 6 - we have a separate application for those). You can download the GS-911Verifier.jar for free to test whether your phone can run the GS-911Mobile.jar version...

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