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GS-911 Diagnostic Tool for BMW Motorcycles.

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GS-911 NEWS:

The New Beta version has been released (Oct 2013)!     read more...

Buyer Beware!  Counterfiet GS-911 devices are being cloned in China & sold online...   read more...

Turn your PC or mobile phone into a powerful fault-finding tool...

The GS-911 is an electronic wrench that you should have with you, regardless of whether you are working in your garage or are traveling out in the real world.

GS-911     GS-911

It's a powerful Diagnostic Tool for BMW Motorcycles - a specialized tool consisting of an intelligent electronic interface in combination with Windows software. The Bluetooth models work with most mobile phones, including Blackberry and Android devices. This makes it portable enough to take on any trip.

GS-911     GS-911

Use the GS-911 to read and clear Diagnostic Fault Codes, show ECU information, reset service reminders and it can even recalibrate idle actuation!

Will it run on my iphone?

Will it run on my Mac laptop?


 ** PLEASE NOTE **  Service & maintenance functions such as resetting service reminders are only available in the PC software, and not available in the mobile software.

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See how easy it is to use the GS-911:

GS-911 is available as four offerings:

 Bluetooth EnabledUSB Only
Professional Models
unlimited bikes
GS-911blu Professional  $549.00 GS-911usb Professional  $499.00
Enthusiast Models
limited to 10 VINs
GS-911blu Enthusiast  $349.00 GS-911usb Enthusiast  $299.00

Accessories GS-911 3 Pin Adapter  $49.00
Needed for the GS-911 to communicate with 3-Pin connectors on the following bikes:
R1100GS, R1100R, R1100RS, R1100RT, K1100RS, K1100LT
Gray Silicone Sleeve  $20.00
Protective sleeve to cover the GS-911 and keep it clean and safe.
Blue Silicone Sleeve  $20.00
Protective sleeve to cover the GS-911 and keep it clean and safe.

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