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Modern vehicles use electronic control for the engine and all other sub-systems. The electronic control units also offer a wealth of diagnostic functions and information that can help to pin-point problems with the vehicle.
BMW motorcycles are no exception to this.

The GS-911 tool allows anybody with a PC/laptop or mobile device to tap into this diagnostic capability provided by their BMW motorcycle. Finding the cause of a dead motorcycle while stranded on the side of the road could make the difference between a terrible day and arriving safely at your destination. While technicians use a variety of tools to service the mechanical components of a vehicle, the GS-911 tool takes care of the electronic side.
       MAC USERS:  The full program is available on the HEXcode Cloud via your web browser and a wifi router with internet connection. To run the PC software without using a web interface, you will need to install Parallels  or Apple's Bootcamp.
What Does it Do?
Control Unit Information
Read & Clear Fault Codes
Reset Service Reminders
View Live Sensor Values
Component Output Test
Adaption Reset & Relearn
Basic Coding
Bleed Test
& Much more
Who Uses it?
Professional Workshops
Motorcycle Owners
Expedition Riders
GS-911 3-Pin Interface, designed by HEX Code, has support for USB connectivity and is compatible with Windows™.

It is a complete stand alone GS-911 diagnostic tool (no other GS-911 device required) and is designed exclusively for the older models which have a flat three pin diagnostic connector. Applicable for Bosch Motronic versions MA2.1, MA2.2 as well as the ABS II controller. Please see the Function Chart.

NOTE: This device replaces the previous 3-pin adapter.
The GS-911 models come with either 10-pin or OBD-II connectors. This development was driven by the new OBD-II diagnostic connectors featured on the newer EU-4 compliant BMW Motorrad (2017-on) models. However, if you need to use your 10-pin GS-911 on a motorcycle with an OBD-II connector, or vice versa, we offer adaptor cables which allow you to do just that.

Adaptor cables available:

OBD-II to 10-pin (female adaptor cable)
10-pin to OBD-II (male adaptor cable)
In the true spirit of adventure associated with your motorcycle, the WiFi interface allows you to use it with most modern mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows Mobile.

Emergency functionality is provided via the units own hotspot which wirelessly communcates with your mobile device so no internet or cell service is required.

No need for anything else. This tool is portable enough to take on any trip!  Robust & compact - only 85g.  Excellent for field diagnostics.

*Service functionality is provided for mobile devices via the HEX Cloud using a wifi router with internet access and a web interface. 

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* motorcycle image borrowed from BMW Press Images
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