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I want to know what Functions it will perform on my bike?  (see Function Chart)

How do I upgrade to the Professional Version?

Whats wrong if the GS-911 wifi is not detected by the GS-911 PC software or the PC WiFi utility?

Whats the difference between the PC App and the Wifi Utility?

GS-911wifi cannot see/cannot connect to my Wifi Router

Can I delete a VIN entry from my VIN list?  

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What is the difference between the Enthusiast Version and the Professional Version?

The software is identical in both the Enthusiast and Pro Version.  The only limitation that the Enthusiast version has is that the Service Functionality is limited to 10 motorcycles - this is done using each motorcycles unique VIN. 

This DOES NOT apply to the "Emergency functionality" (Reading ECU info, reading and clearing Fault codes and real-time values). These, you can run on as many motorcycles as you wish.. without the VIN limitation coming into play at all - We don't want to prevent you from helping your stranded buddy at the roadside...

All GS-911 Enthusiast versions can easily be upgraded to Professional versions at any time excluding the GS-911usb Generation 2 which is not upgradeable to a Professional version.
Will in work on my MAC?
For the first time the GS-911 now also supports iOS mobile devices.he full program is available on the HEXcode Cloud via your web browser and a wifi router with internet connection.  The HEXcode Cloud cannot be accessed using the USB Version. To run the PC software without using a web interface, you will need to install Parallels or Apple's Bootcamp.  
If I am out in the middle of nowhere, do I need a personal "Hot Spot" or wifi connection to perform Emergency Functions?

No! Emergency functionality is provided via the units own hotspot which wirelessly communcates with your mobile device so no internet or cell service is required. 

Note: While on the road, Service functionality is provided via the HEX Cloud using a wifi router with internet access and a web interface. 
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How do I know if I have a 10-Pin or an OBD-II diagnostic connector on my bike?

See the of Models Supported or check out this page on how to locate the diagnostic connector on your BMW motorcycle.

Compare the different GS-911 Versions.

See List of Models Supported.

See a detailed Table of Functionality for each model:  View Function Chart
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