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U4 Adaptor Cable

As of 1 January 2017, all motorcycles are required to be EU4 compliant. One of the prerequisites for EU4
is that the diagnostic connector is of the J1962 (OBD-II) type.

The engineers at HEX code anticipated this change for some time and have been working on a new shell for
the GS-911wifi to meet this requirement. This product will be available early 2017 - in time for the riding

For customers who own the current GS-911wifi, and want to use it on the new generation of EU4 compliant
motorcycles, this adaptor will connect the current 10pin GS-911wifi to the new J1962 (OBD-II) diagnostic
This new adaptor cable connects the current 10pin GS-911wifi to the new J1962 (OBD-II) diagnostic port on EU4 bikes.
Fitting the new adaptor to a GS-911wifi is easy.
Plug and twist. Nothing new.
Here's a current GS-911wifi plugged into an EU4 compliant BMW F 800 GS
Price: $30.00

Specifically designed for the
BMW R1200 LC

This accessory manager for the BMW's R1200 liquid cooled series lets you add and
configure accessories with ease and without cutting any wires. It's simple and easy
to fit additional lights, an air horn, accessories and emergency brake lights that
make the bike safer to ride.
Waterproof and dustproof
One switch manages everything
Integrates additional safety features
Does not void warranty
Plugs directly into CAN-Bus (saves time)
Unobtrusive - fits perfectly under the seat
Easy configuration of software via USB (Mac and Windows PC)
Four individually fused channels
Price: $169.00
GS-911 Protective Silicone Cover - For Generation I / USB
Version only

Protect your GS-911 (Generation I / USB Version) with this form fitting silicone cover, available in blue or

** Note: Not for Generation II / WiFi Version. WiFi is more ruggedly built and does not offer/need additional
exterior protection **
Price: $20.00
GS911 1.0m Hammerhead Extension Cable

1 Meter extension between the motorcycle diagnostic port and GS-911 interface.
This is particularly useful for logging real-time data, or to create better access to
the diagnostic port of a motorcycle.

• 1x Female diagnostic connector
• 1x Male diagnostic connector
• 1x 1M extension cable
Price: $65.00
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